We, Bonitasofters, are all passionate about process automation. 

Each individual contributes to delivering product excellence and high quality services to our community, customers and partners. Together, we built Bonita, a French open source Business Process Management (BPM) solution that aims to democratize process automation technologies, on-prem and in the cloud. 

Our common goal: Encourage market adoption of BPM and intelligent process management.

Bonita achieved an NPS score of 57 and 98% Customer Satisfaction rate in 2022.


Are you a born leader ready to take on a new squad ? 

To continue growing the global adoption of Bonita, our CTO Nicolas is looking for an R&D Manager to look after one of our 3 squads. 

The leader we’re looking for is a team player and a supportive mentor to their team. We’re looking for someone who will also have a high interest in the research area and is eager to identify new topics that bring innovation to the whole R&D.

Your role in a nutshell :

You’ll manage a team of 5 to 8 people from different backgrounds and levels of expertise : R&D engineers, process analytics, and a doctoral student.

You’ll be our champion for anything related to the research activities at Bonitasoft, so ideally you have a passion for innovation and have already led a research program. Ali, our doctoral student, is working on an exciting topic called “A Comprehensive Framework for Low-Code Data-Centric Process Management”. 

You’ll also be fully involved in an open-source project called Process Analytics and look after the team that is at the heart of this project.

As an R&D manager, you will of course participate in the Bonita BPM development process and continuous improvement in collaboration with a software architect, R&D and Cloud Managers and the Product squad :

  • Establishing the sprints’ backlog that brings more value to the product.

  • Write high-level technical specifications on how new features should be architectured.

The technologies you’ll work on include Java, REST, SpringBoot, Docker, K8s, AWS, CSS3, HTML5.


We’d highly appreciate it if you come armed with the following background, interests, and skills : 

  • High Interest in animating research around process optimization, process mining, or AI applied to processes.  Perhaps you’re a former doctoral student yourself?

  • Proven experience as a team leader.

  • Proven track record of delivering SaaS / on-premises projects.

  • Executing with efficiency is super important to you.

  • You love to help R&D teams embrace the DevOps movement and initiate continuous delivery/deployment methods and tools.

  • You appreciate attending industry events to continue feeding your personal knowledge and bringing new ideas to the table.

Why join us ?

This is an exciting role with a significant opportunity to have a huge impact in driving the growth of the Bonita solution. You will be granted trust, autonomy, and freedom to deliver results whilst working as part of a highly collaborative company.

  • Salary package 65k€-70k€

  • Full remote with the freedom to work anywhere in France

  • Full onboarding program 

  • Monthly work-from-home allowance

  • Opportunity to occasionally work from a co-working space

  • A 3-year budget to choose the equipment you want to work with

  • Flexible working hours

  • Lunch tickets (for employees in France)

  • 3 annual company events 

  • Paid-for charity day

  • Special gift on your Bonitanniversaries 

Hiring Process

  1. HR interview with Christelle, our Talent Acquisition 

  2. Immerse yourself in your future role with a role play that you’ll present to your future manager and team.

  3. Meet your future manager in an 1-1 interview

  4. Meet the rest of your team as their future manager

  5. Wrap-up interview with Charlotte, our VP of People